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Currying, dyeing and processing off fur. Ready-made fur pieces for fur coats. Production off urhead wear.

image_3Our company organized a closed production cycle, starting from the preparation of karakul raw material and steppe sheepskin at livestock and breeding farmsof the Republic of Uzbekistan, their processing, dyeing and finishing with manufacture of ready-made fur products, including karakul women's coats, short coats, headwear and neckpiecesmanufactured of karakul and sheepskin specially for law enforcement agencies and departments,special purpose uncovered sheepskin products (military coats, knee-length frogged overcoats, overcoats) of wool sheepskin.

The company sells as well fur semi-finished articles: karakul, wool sheepskin bothin "bulk" and as ready-made fur coats. The company manufactures plates (cuts) from karakul and karakul paws.

We have our own production facilities, including the facilities intended for manufacturing raw materials to tailoring finished products, and that is whywe are able to offer flexible prices in the fur market, both for fulfilling orders ofcivil population and special orders of law enforcement agencies and departments.

Below you can see the list of services we render: